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VSP: SCRTPro - A New Offering to Contain z/OS Software Costs

  • Room: Room 210H
  • Session Number: 20828
Tuesday, March 07, 2017: 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM


Cheryl Watson
Watson & Walker, Inc.


Mainframe software accounts for more than half of the mainframe IT budget in many enterprises. But how do you control something that is ever-changing, fiendishly complicated (IBM alone has over 20 different pricing options for mainframe software), and uses terminology that sounds like a language of its own? Traditionally, techies have left responsibility for software contracts to the Software Asset Management group, but that group often doesn’t understand the technology or the terminology. As a result, most sites just pay their bills and hope for the best. Outsourcing doesn’t make the problem go away, because software costs are a significant contributor to the cost of your agreement.

In this session, Cheryl shows how the new Watson & Walker tools can help you do the following: identify the cost of your software *before* you submit your SCRT (Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool) reports to IBM; let you confirm that your IBM invoice is correct (you’d be surprised at how often it’s not); perform “what if” scenarios to predict the savings or costs of moving LPARs, changing hardware, adding work to an LPAR, removing work from an LPAR, moving software between LPARs, growing your workloads, or reducing your workloads; and determine how much savings, if any, can be realized by moving to Country Multiplex License Charges (CMLC), as well as showing how to reduce the “uplift” of CMLC.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to contain, manage, and lower your mainframe software costs?  Come to this session and see how SCRTPro can help.  It’s not software on your system; it’s Software Asset Management as a Service (SAMaaS).

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