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Why did my job run so long? Speeding Performance by Understanding the Cause

  • Room: Room 210G
  • Session Number: 20243
Thursday, March 09, 2017: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM


John Baker
Performance Specialist
MVS Solutions


Delays are part of our daily lives.  We wait in line at the grocery store, at the drive-through, and on the road in our cars.  While it may not seem like it, delays are a fact of life in your mainframe as well.  As amazingly fast as these machines are, there are inevitably some measureable delays in application response times and throughput.  The question is: should you care about these delays?

Performance Analysis is about identifying the distribution of response times and dealing with each component.  For example, if a job runs for two hours but only uses ten minutes of CPU time, there is little to be gained by running the job on a faster CPU.  The best “bang for the buck” is to look at where the other 110 minutes are being spent and try to reduce those delays.

Thankfully, z/OS provides great detail in this area.  RMF provides a wealth of information on where z/OS and your applications are spending their time.

In this presentation, we will explain the meaning of some the most useful components and provide practical recommendations on how to improve application performance.

We can’t remove all of the line ups in our lives but maybe we can make them move a little faster. (PCP4) (UX8) (ZOSP1)

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